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  • End Civil Forfeiture
  • Reform public education and its financing
  • Reform the bail system
  • Stop cooperating with ICE
  • Reform occupational licensing
  • Streamline business creation requirements
  • Offer more mental health courts
  • End the commerce tax

Civil Forfeiture

It's time for Nevada to join New Mexico and ban Civil Forfeiture.  (Read More)

Clark County School District teacher pay

Clark County Teachers, bus drivers and custodians are underpaid, with too many overpaid administrators. 

(Read More)

Asylum Seekers

The Republicans have criminalized asylum. Asylum seekers, and other immigrants looking for safe passage have been arrested and had their children ripped away from them, by the "Pro-Life" party. 

Marijuana Taxes, where have they gone?

We were told that marijuana taxes would go to education. What has happened to that money?

(Read More)

Don't hurt people. Don't take their stuff.

My philosophy is simple. 

Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff

(Read More)

Reform secured bonds and expand OR releases and monitoring

Too much of our jail population are people who haven't been tried or convicted; they just cannot afford bail.  Our bond system needs to be reformed to allow more releases on own recognizance, even expanding electronic monitoring.

Locking innocent people up because they can't afford to make a secured bond can cost them their jobs, their child custody and their self esteem. 



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